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Scheme for Capacity Building in Textile Sector - “समर्थ (Samarth)”

Scheme for Capacity Building in Textile Sector - “समर्थ (Samarth)”


The Ministry of Textiles (MoT), Government of India has introduced a new scheme titled “Scheme for Capacity Building in Textile Sector (SCBTS)” which shall be known as “समर्थ (Samarth)”.  The Samarth is launched with a view to transforming the unskilled manpower to skilled workforce in various sectors like Garment, knitting, processing, manmade & synthetic fibres and other unorganised textile sector including Traditional sectors like Jute, Silk, Handloom, Handicraft & Carpet by running the certified skill development programme in these sub-sectors across the country.  The proposed scheme has a physical target of training 10 lakh persons (9 lakh persons in organised & 1 lakh persons in traditional sectors) over the period of 3 years (2017-2020)

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Objectives of the समर्थ Scheme:

  1. To provide the demand-driven, placement oriented National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) compliant skilling programmes to incentivize and supplement the efforts of the industry in creating jobs in the organized textile and related sectors, covering the entire value chain of textiles, excluding Spinning and Weaving.
  2. To promote skilling and skill upgradation in the traditional sectors of handlooms, handicrafts, sericulture and jute.
  3. To enable provision of sustainable livelihood either by wage or self-employment to all sections of the society across the country.

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