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Skill Gap Analysis in the Textiles and Clothing (T&C) Sector of India

Skill Gap Analysis in the Textiles and Clothing (T&C) Sector of India

The production and supply chain of textiles industry is very vast and one facet of the industry is different to another in varied skill sets for manufacturing of the products. For example-The RMG industry requires specialized job roles for cutting, stitching, washing, packing etc for apparel making. Further, each skill level has been segmented into different levels depending upon the importance and assigned role in the supply chain. For ex. the cutting activities in RMG industries by job roles like cutting, cutter, cutting master etc. Similar is the case for weaving and knitting industry and other value chain activities. Hence, there is a need to have mapping of the occupations based on the activities performed and skill level required in the production process. The occupational mapping of this sector may bring about an overview in the different manpower’s required by each segment of the industry.

In order to study the textiles and clothing industry requirements of skilled manpower for each job role and the present availability in the labor market, a Skill gap analysis for each job roles has to be taken up. The skill gap analysis will provide detailed information on present available workforce on each job role, industry requirements, may also project the future requirements of each job role etc. Accordingly, the demand and supply gap in the skilled workforce may be identified for bridging the gap by means of skill development. The gap analysis may also help in developing measures to make a balance between supply and demand of job roles.

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