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Assessment of Training infrastructure needs of T&C in India

Assessment of Training infrastructure needs of T&C in India

Textiles and clothing sector plays an important role in the economy of our country. It contributes around 4% to the GDP, 12% to the export earnings and most importantly the sector is the second largest employment generator in the country after agriculture. As envisaged in the Vision Document 2024-25, an additional 35 million jobs would get created upto 2025. This stupendous number of 35 million jobs require adequate training infrastructure for skilling of the people. In this context, there is a need to assess the training infrastructure available in our country especially for the textiles and clothing sector and project the requirement till 2024-25. In order to study the textiles and clothing industry requirements of training infrastructure for each of the segments and present availability in different states has to be taken up. The assessment of training infrastructure needs of the Textiles and Clothing sector will provide detailed information on present available infrastructure on each segments, course curriculum, faculty availability/requirements and may also project the future requirements of each segment.

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