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Export Competitiveness Studies

Export Competitiveness Studies

The process of liberalisation initiated in 1991 by the Government of India has increasingly integrated the Indian Economy to the world. It has brought about enhanced export to the world and so also the import. The Textiles & Clothing Sector, which is one of the important component of growth has also experienced more and more export to different destinations. As of now, we have about 33 billion dollar of export to the world.

However, the emergence of multilateral negotiations under the framework of WTO and the signing up of RTA/FTAs, etc. by the different countries has created different challenge and so also opportunities for the sector in terms of export. The constraints arised out of intense competition by different countries like China, Bangladesh, Pakistan in different export destinations with India. These constraints could be converted into opportunities, if the Indian textile enjoys competitive advantage at different product levels in the world market. The advantage may be in form of price advantage, quality advantage or advantage in terms of fashion or preference. The only way to convert the challenges into opportunities is to study the position of the Indian T&C products vis-à-vis competitors in the different export destinations and disseminate to the key stakeholders including the government for appropriate business strategy and policy decisions.

  • Keeping these aspects in mind, the Textiles Committee has initiated the “Export Competitiveness Study” in different export destinations with the following objectives:
  • Assess the competitiveness of Indian textiles in USA, EU, Middle-East, ASEAN, China, etc.
  • Analyse the product level competitiveness at 6 or 8-digit HS line level as well as at textile chapters.
  • Special emphasis will be provided to apparels as it is a value added product.
  • Impact of Tariffs and Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs), trade preferences by RTA/FTAs on competitiveness.
  • Preference pattern and government policy mechanism in the export destinations.
  • How domestic factors like cost of production, productivity, supply chain, and other related issues influencing the competitiveness.

As of now, the Export Competitiveness of Textiles & Clothing product in two important export destinations USA & EU has been commenced by Textiles Committee.

Some of the studies completed are:

  • Indian Apparel Competitiveness in Post – ATC EU Market
  • NAMA Negotiations: Implication on Indian Textile Sector
  • Implication of Non Tariff Barriers (NTBs) on Textiles and Clothing Exports of India
  • Sensitivity of Tariff Cut on T&C Sector: Options for India at WTO
  • Impact of Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement on T&C Sector o India
  • Export Competitiveness analyses of T&C products of India in US market
  • Competitiveness analyses of T&C products in SAFTA countries

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