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Title Type Archived Date
Engagement of Young Professionals as Research Associate What's New
Crafting sustainable products from textile scraps Publications
Textiles Committee "Swachhata HI Seva" daily reports What's New
Cancellation of Tender Ref. No.- TC/LAB/SETTING_UP/NR/2019(39) & TENDER ID-2023_ TXTLS_747245_1Dated 29-03-2023 Tender
Pension Adalat amongst Pensioners of Textiles Committee to be held on 24.07.2023 at 11.30 AM through virtual mode What's New
RFP for Selection of Consultancy organization/firm to organise Concurrent Evaluation of Samarth Scheme Tender
Global Tender for Procurement of 03 Pashmina Testing equipment for Laboratory of Textiles Committee at Gurugram –Delhi (NCR) through CPP portal. Tender Reference No. - TC/Lab/Setting up/NR/2019/39(3) & Tender ID – 2023_TXTLS_747245_1 dated 29-03-2023 Tender
Cancellation of Tender Ref. No. Tender TC/LAB/GTE/Pashmina/2022/27(10) ID-2022_TXTLS_729062_1 dated 14-12-2022) Tender
CITI Textile Awards 2022-23 What's New
RFP for selection of consultancy organisation to organise concurrent evaluation of SAMARTH scheme What's New

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