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Sectoral Database

Sectoral Database

Cotton Ginning & Pressing Factories in India (2004)

The issue of modenisation /up-gradation of Ginning and Pressing factories had been mooted at various levels by the policy makers and other stakeholders with a view to achieving desired quality levels in cotton. A study on “The Techno Economic Study of Cotton Ginning & Pressing Factories in India” was organized by Textiles Committee in 1994 was the only source of information on the state of the G&P factories in India. This data become redundant on account of the changes in the technology level in the industry. Thus, it was felt that a comprehensive “Census of Ginning & Pressing factories in India” is required to be organized to create reliable database on the sector.

The census enumerated 4015 G&P factories spread across the major 9 cotton producing states in India and another 19 factories in the states of Orissa, Assam and Meghalaya, thus making the total at 4034 in 12 states.

Census: Indian Textile Engineering Industry (2009)

Textiles Committee initiated the Census of Textile Engineering Industry to fill up the data gap required for policy prescriptions pertaining to textile machinery industry in India. The absence of data on the machinery sector is an impediment in policy decision-making and its growth plans. The Textile Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (TMMA) has supported the initiative of the Textiles Committee to create the information base. The total enumeration of the industry was organized in India during 2007-08. Information on the number and spread of the units, the growth trends of investments, technology, production etc. has been collected through this census. The report also depicts the production, raw material and investment pattern; and assesses the extent of capacity utilization and employment in the sector.

There are about 1446 Textile Engineering Industry units in India. Of this, 584 units are engaged in the production of complete machinery alongwith components/ accessories and the remaining 862 units manufacture only components/ accessories. 48.55 percent units are located in Gujarat and 31.12 percent of the units are in Tamil Nadu.

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