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Jute Mark India

Jute Mark India

Jute Mark India (JMI) Scheme

The jute fibre is one of the most important textiles fibres. Jute is highly valued for its properties as a natural, renewable, biodegradable, and eco-friendly material, making it suitable for safe packaging. The jute fibre based industry holds a significant position in the Indian economy and has a long history in the country. West Bengal is the primary jute-producing state in India, followed by Assam, Bihar, Orissa, and Andhra Pradesh. The Indian jute industry produces a wide range of jute products, including hessian or burlap, sacking, food-grade jute cloth, yarn, carpet backing cloth, blankets, decorative fabrics, floor coverings, and shopping bags. The Indian jute industry is a major source of employment, providing livelihoods to approximately 3.5 lakh (350,000) workers. The concentration of jute mills in West Bengal makes it a crucial hub for jute production.

Jute Mark India logo

Launch of Jute Mark India

Understanding the importance of Jute fibre and the need to promote the jute and jute diversified products, The National Jute Board (NJB) under the Ministry of Textile, Govt. of India has launched a scheme called “Jute Mark India” (JMI) on 9th July 2022 under the auspicious hands of the Secretary (Textiles), Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India.  The JMI label will provide a collective identity to the Jute products and can be used not only for popularizing the jute products but also serve as an assurance for the buyers / consumers. Everyone involved in manufacture, craft (artisans), Retailing of traditional as well as diversified products of jute can register under this scheme.  All the registered entities will be eligible for using JMI labels on their products to indicate that the product in of jute origin from India. 

Implementing Agency

Textiles Committee (TC) under the Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India has been nominated as implementing agency of Jute Mark India across the country by NJB.  A MoU has been signed between TC & NJB in this regard on 6th January 2023.  The Activities like receipt of application, on-site verification, issuance of labels, testing of samples are the responsibilities of TC.

Who can register under JMI

Entities like Apex Co-op Societies & Development Corporations, Traders, Retailer, Manufacturer Exporter, Merchant Exporter, Central Govt. and State Govt. sponsored body, Self Help Groups (SHGs), Individual entrepreneurs and Artisans of Traditional Jute and Jute Diversified Products.

JMI labels

The Jute Mark India label can be affixed to any products that contain a minimum of 50% by weight of jute fibre in the jute Portion. Jute Mark labels are 1inch X 2inches dimension taffeta cloth label containing JMI Logo and a unique QR code. The Registered user details are embedded in the QR code.

 Jute Mark Label

How to Apply under JMI Registration

Interested entities can submit their application to the nearest Regional Office of Textiles Committee (ROTC) along with test reports from any of the Textiles Committee laboratories to the effect that the jute portion of the product contains at least 50% jute fibre.  In absence to test report, samples of the jute products can be submitted along with the application.  Download the application here

Label Entitlement

The entitlement of JMI labels for each applicant is ascertained based on the On-Site verification of the applicant’s site. All the eligible registered users can affix JMI labels on the registered jute products. Testing of submitted samples and On-Site verification of manufactures site are essential part of the registration process. 

Approved schedule of Application Fee for Registration & other services
Sr.No Category of User Fee in ₹ GST* Total in ₹
1 Individual entrepreneurs, Artisans & Self Help Groups  50.00 18% 59.00
2 Apex Co-op Societies & Handloom Handicraft Development Corporation 500.00 18% 590.00
3 Central Govt. and State Govt. sponsored body 500.00 18% 590.00
4 Organized Jute Sector (Mill etc) 500.00 18% 590.00
5 Manufacturer Exporter (Export Market) 500.00 18% 590.00
6 Traders/retailer (Domestic market) etc. 500.00 18% 590.00
7 Merchant Exporter (Export market) 500.00 18% 590.00
  Label Charge As fixed by NJB

*GST rates shall be followed as the government notification

Online Module

Textiles Committee being implementing agency of Jute Mark India is developing On-line Module for the JMI scheme. Upon launch of On-line module interested entities can apply on-line through dedicated portal OR on dedicated Mobile App.


To make the scheme attractive especially among the decentralized sector, the registered users of the Jute Mark India Scheme shall be eligible as per NJB’s Annual Action Plan Scheme(s) and initiatives.

Contact Details

Shri S P Verma, Secretary
Tel: 022-66527507

Dr.K.S.Muralidhara, Joint Director
Tel: 022-66527524 / Mob: 9967533770

Shri K.C.Kaushal, Quality Assurance Officer
Tel:022-66527570 / Mob: 9920878581

Shri Keshavamurthy,  Quality Assurance Officer
Tel: 022-66527521 / Mob: 9980000882

For General information related to JMI scheme

Shri. T. Ayyappan, Head-Marketing, National Jute Board, Kolkata
Ph : 9444459448 / 8610771973

Shri. Debdoot Mukherjee, Asst. Director (MP&SI), National Jute Board, Kolkata
Ph : 9051260656

Shri. Kishan Singh Ghughtyal, Dy. Director (MP&SI), National Jute Board, New Delhi
Ph : 9810929830

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