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Khandua Sarees & Fabrics (Odisha) (GI Regn No. 136)

Khandua Sarees & Fabrics (Odisha) (GI Regn No. 136)

pk Reflecting God’s delight in man’s work and having a close-knit relation with the Lord Jagannath culture “Khandua Sarees & Fabrics” are astonishingly pleasing with aesthetic colour combinations.  The handloom cluster of Nuapatna in Cuttack district of Orissa proudly owes its origin to 12th century AD. Popular folklore has it that Jaydev the great poet desired to offer his creation to Lord Jagannath through “IKAT” designs on fabric and prepared the same in his birthplace “Kenduli” and this is how Khandua Sarees originated.  Since then the Khandua Sarees with fascinating motifs and designs, rich colours and fine textures from village Nuapatna and Maniabandh have been handed down from generation to generation as a heavenly gift to the world.  Popularly known as Bandha or Ikat, the uniqueness of the product is the method of tie & dye practiced by the weavers, motif and colour combination used in the process of production. The Sarees have a close-knit relation with the Jagannath cult.  Yellow coloured Ikat fabric for Lord Jagannath symbolizes salvation, green for Balabhadra symbolizing life and red for Subhadra signifying power of Shakti. Even the motifs such as the temple border, lotus, conch and wheel signify the affinity with the reigning deity. Now a days the weavers are producing different products like Sarees, dress material, bed sheets, curtains, etc. which are popular in the country.

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