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Demand Estimation Studies

Demand Estimation Studies

Market for Textiles & Clothing (MTC):

The major regular research project carried out by M.R.Division is the estimation of domestic consumption/demand pattern of textiles in the Household sector of the country. The report is based on the longitudinal survey, “National Household Survey: Market for Textile and Clothing (MTC)”published annually depicts the demand pattern of textiles in the household sector of the country on the basis of key variables like per capita consumption, aggregate demand of sectoral cum regional preferences, market size on the basis of the fibre category and products, etc. This is the only comprehensive report available on domestic demand of textiles for the household sector in the country.

cover page MTC 2020

The MTC report based on primary survey is published since the inception of the M.R. Division is widely used policy makers for policy prescriptions, the industry stakeholders for planning purpose and also the by researchers. The survey conducted on the panel methodology has selected Households at the panel centres across the urban and rural segments of the country. The selection of the households at panel centres in based on Multistage Stratified Random Sampling (SRS).  The total households in the present panel are 13230 in the Urban- Rural ratio of 67:33. Every year 20 percent of the panel households are replaced with a new set of households.


per capita demand of textiles in metres
Source: National Household Survey: Market for Textile and Clothing (MTC)-2020

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