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Export Promotion & Quality Assurance ( EP&QA )

Export Promotion & Quality Assurance ( EP&QA )

A. Issuance of Exempt Certificates :

Ans :- It is issued to enable quota/duty free entry of the eligible items of Handloom origin at the importing end.

Ans :- No. Exempt certificates are issued only after confirming the handloom origin through inspection of material.

B. Endorsement of GSP (Form - A):

Ans: - GSP certificates (Form A) is issued for the eligible items for the following tariff preference giving (donor) countries:

Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, United States of America (USA), Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, and European Union.

The European Union includes 28 countries Viz. Austria, Belgium,Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands (Holland), Republic of Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom (UK).

Note: (1) For Australia,the main requirement is exporter’s declaration on the normal commercial invoice. Form A accompanied by the normal commercial invoice is an acceptable alternative, but official certification is not required.

(2) In case of Canada and New Zealand, Official Certification is not required.

(3) The United States does not require GSP Form A. A declaration setting forth all pertinent detailed information concerning the production or manufacture of the merchandise is considered sufficient only if requested by the district collector of the Customs.

Ans :- Invoice, Proof of shipment/ an undertaking for submission of proof of shipment within 15 days of shipment if the certificate is required prior to shipment.  or Airway bill/ Bill of lading along with an undertaking (Prescribed form) for affixing “Issued Retrospectively” Stamp in Box No.4 if the Form A is required after shipment Duly endorsed combination form for the material,which attracts limited inspection to ensure handloom origin.

C. Endorsement of Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential) :

Ans :- No, The Textiles Committee registration is not required for endorsement of CoO (NP) .

Ans :- CoO (NP) is issued for all the countries.

D. Quality Inspection/Appraisal Schemes (On commercial basis):

Ans :- A Quality Inspection Report containing the observations in respect of flaws, Dimensions, specification particulars, etc shall be issued immediately after completion of inspection. In case of testing the authorized officer shall issued a test analysis report and a quality inspection certificate is issued if the lot is found acceptable in all the aspects.

Ans :- The schemes are based on requirements of national /international standards Schemes are flexible and customer driven. They accommodate customers’ specified requirements by way of defining flaws, sampling plan,sealing and stamping and any other requirements. For example if the customer wants to know about only specification particulars, the appraisal will be restricted to that only

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