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Balaramapuram Sarees & Fine Cotton Fabrics (Kerala) (GI Regn No. 152)

Balaramapuram Sarees & Fine Cotton Fabrics (Kerala) (GI Regn No. 152)

p These wonderful hand-woven Sarees and textile products of Balaramapuram in Kerala are magnificent in their un-dyed natural colour cotton yarn inter-woven with jari. The product is basically a cream stretch of cloth with gold jari embroidered in the Pallu and body. The history of handloom weaving in Balaramapuram dates back to about 200 years ago and is associated with the royal family of Travancore (or Thiruvithamkur in Malayalam). The   then Maharaja Balarama Varma (from 1798 to 1810) brought weaving families from Valliyoor of the Tamil Nadu state. These weavers’ produced super-fine clothes for the need of the Travancore royal family.  The traditional handloom products of Balaramapuram are well known for their simplicity, use of natural materials and exquisite designs with unrivalled craftsmanship.  The yarn used is of natural grey colour and no dyes are used in the warp. It is woven from un-dyed natural cotton that compliments the tropical climate of Kerala. It is usually a cream stretch of cloth with gold zari or "Kasavu" (exquisite embroidery work created from silver wires coated with gold) borders. 

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