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Kuthampully Sarees (Kerala) (GI Regn No. 179)

Kuthampully Sarees (Kerala) (GI Regn No. 179)

p The origin of the Kuthampully Sarees and other fine cotton fabrics of Kerala is traced back to the end of the 18th century AD, as the product is closely associated with the Royal family of Kochi. History says that the members of Devanga Chettiar, a community of traditional weavers and having roots in the then Mysore state of the present Karnataka, were brought by the Kochi Royal family to weave dress materials exclusively for the palace. It is also believed that the Devanga Chettis from Mysore, left their country on account of Tipu Sultan’s persecution and settled in this out-of-the-way village about the end of the eighteenth century. The uniqueness of the products of this cluster is the usage of Hal-fine Zari in the border, cross-border or pallav of the traditional Sarees. No bleaching or dyeing is involved in the process except for the dyed yarn used in the weft for the border or cross-border. The products are eco-friendly.

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