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Chendamangalam Dhoties & Set Mundu (Kerala) (GI Regn No. 225)

Chendamangalam Dhoties & Set Mundu (Kerala) (GI Regn No. 225)

Chendamangalam Cluster, another centre of traditional handloom weaving, produces the traditional varieties of clothing, Dhoties and Set Mundu. The Set Mundu or Mundum Neriyathum  is a combination of Mundu (or Dhoti) for covering the lower part of the body and Neriyathu to wrap around the upper portion of the body like a Dupatta over the blouse. The Set Mundu is the traditional clothing of women in Kerala and is the oldest remnant of Saree. The Set Mundu consists of two pieces of cloth, the Dhoti or Mundu and Neriyathu or Kavani. The history of Chendamangalam handloom is closely associated with the Feudal Family of Paliam, whose eldest male members, had been the Chief Ministers of the Rajas of Cochin and represented the Perumpatappu Swarupam. The handloom weavers of the village had been patronized by successive Paliyath Valiyachans, the head of the family. In the early days of its origin at Chendamangalam, the weaving of handloom clothes was mainly done for the members of the Paliam family. The women of this family used to show off their dignity in dressing by wearing the Puliyilakkara Neriyathu, Kasavu Dhoti, Kasavu Sarees and other varieties of Chendamangalam handloom products. It was due to the high degree of excellence in the dexterity of fabrics manufactured by the weavers at Chendamangalam.

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