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The effectiveness of any training is reflected in the Assessment of the trained candidate (hereinafter referred to as Trainee).  While assessments are often equated with traditional tests, there are a diverse array of assessment tools and methods to measure the effectiveness of training imparted.  Assessments are also used to identify gaps in training and strengths so that trainers can provide specialized support if required.  While assessments come in many complex forms and are used for a wide variety of purposes, Assessment Sheets are used in evaluating a person to assess if procedures and standards are being followed properly according to set standards.

Assessment of Trainees under “समर्थ (Samarth)”

Various Implementing Partners (IPs) such as Industry/organizations of the private sector and Ministry of Textiles/state governments having training infrastructure and placement arrangement with, textiles industry are duly empanelled by the Ministry of Textiles are required to provide training under the “समर्थ (Samarth)” scheme of the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India.  As per the Scheme guidelines and Common Norms notified by the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) all the IPs need to adopt RSA-approved and NSQF aligned course curricula for imparting training.  In this connection, RSA in consultation with the industry has already developed/adopted and standardized 151 and all the courses have been aligned with NSQF. Depending upon the employability, more industry relevant job roles are being identified whose course curriculum would be developed and will be aligned with NSQF as per requirement. The details of segment wise courses already developed/adopted and aligned with NSQF are given below:

Sl. No Sub-Sectors No of Courses
1 Garment 11
2 Knitting 3
3 Processing 13
4 Textiles & Handloom 13
5 Handicrafts & Carpet 89
6 Jute 7
7 Silk 4
8 Technical Textile 6
9 Wool 4
10 Other 1
  Total 151

A common module on soft skill is also included in all the aforesaid courses.  Once an Implementing Partner (IP) completes the training, the effectiveness of the training imparted and skill acquired by the trainees required is to be assessed by third party Assessment Agency duly empanelled by the RSA to ensure that the trainees after attending the skilling program is ready to take up the regular work at shop floor level as a skilled worker.  Keeping this in mind following objectives for assessment have been developed.

Objectives of the Assessment:

  • To ascertain effectiveness of training imparted by way of practical demonstration of acquired skills.
  • To assess the proficiency in skills imported to the trainees based on the standards used by the relevant industry segment.
  • To see the effectiveness of the training imparted by way of demonstration of level of transfer of knowledge
  • To see the level of understanding and skills acquired during course of experiential training.

Assessment Agencies (AAs):

Considering the target of ‘Samarth’, there is a need to have a large pool of accredited assessors for assessment of trainees. Keeping this in mind, the RSA decided to empanel professional Assessment Agencies engaged in assessment activities with large pool of qualified and experienced assessors to conduct assessments across India.

After following the due procedure for empanelment as specified in the Request for Proposal (RFP), the Assessment Agencies are empanelled by RSA to conduct Assessments under ‘Samarth’. Based on the performance of the Assessment Agencies the empanelment of the AA will be renewed annually.

For a complete understanding of Assessment and other related procedures please follow the link(s) below

Assessment Protocol for Entry Level Skilling [PDF]

Assessment Protocol for the Assessment Agencies to assess Upskilling/Reskilling trainees under समर्थ(SAMARTH) [PDF]

List of Empanelled of Assessment Agencies as on 01.10.2023  [PDF]

Forms and  Formats

Summary of assessment sheets  [PDF]

Format for application for addition of subsector  [PDF]

Format for application for re-appearing in CEP   [PDF]

Model Question paper (requires agency login)


Circular for Assessment of Fail / Absent candidates 

Circular for collection of feedback from beneficiary trainees under SAMARTH


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