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Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting on Tender for House Keeping Services

Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting on Tender for House Keeping Services

Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting on Tender for House Keeping Services 

Pre-bid Meeting with agencies who have collected tenders documents for providing Housekeeping Services to the estate of Textiles Committee at Prabhadevi, Mumbai-400 025 was held on 17.11.2014 at 4.00 pm in the Board Room at 5th floor of the Office Building.  The following officials of Empowered Committee were present in the meeting:

  1. Shri Kartikay Dhanda, Director(Labs)/Chairman (EC)
  2. Shri K.S.Murlidhara, Joint Director(Laboratory)
  3. Shri K.V.Rao, Deputy Director, EPQA
  4. Shri Ganesh Bangar, AD(EC) ------ Leave of absence

2. Total One agency purchased the tender documents.  The others have downloaded from the website. The following 10 agencies attended the meeting:

  1. M/s. Satyam Enterprises
  2. M/s. Sharp Services
  3. M/s. Concierge – The Caretaker
  4. M/s. M.R.Security I & Housing Services
  5. M/s. Nauv Housekeeping Services
  6. M/s. Kunal Enterprises
  7. M/s. Creative Enterprises
  8. M/s. Ameego Services
  9. M/s.Yuva Vikash Sanstha
  10. M/s.KRM Hospitality Services & Buildcon P.Ltd.

3. At the outset Shri Kartikay Dhanda, Chairman (EC), welcomed all the attendees present in the meeting and introduced himself and officials of the Committee.  After self introduction of each of the representatives present, the attendees were requested to get their doubts/queries if any regard to the tender conditions/clauses clarified.

4. The details of queries and its clarifications are as under:

SL.No Queries  Clarifications
1 Whether the Contract Value of the housekeeping services is Rs.25.00 Lacs or more or less for a period of 2 years as mentioned in the Tender Notice as published in the Newspaper ?


This query was raised by Shri G.K.Keluskar from Nauv Housekeeping Services Pvt.Ltd.

It is clarified that the contract value mentioned in the tender notice published would be of approximate value.


2 Whether NSIC registered parties needs to deposit the EMD alongwith the tender or not?


This query was raised by Shri Chaskar of M.R.Security & Housekeeping Services

It is clarified that as per the guidelines of the National Small Industries Corpn.Ltd, (NISC) and also as per GFR Rule 157 the party is exempted from depositing of EMD.
3 On what basis the DA are being calculated. Whether on shops & establishments or as per sweeper category.


This query was raised by Shri Sagar Naik of Creative Enterprises

DA will be calculated as per Shops &  Establishments.  .

As there was no other issues to be discussed relating the tender process, the meeting ended with vote of thanks by Shri Kartikay Dhanda, Chairman (EC).

 Since there is no any alteration/modifications in tender document it is not required to issue corrigendum agendum as agreed by all above parties.

sd/-                                          sd/-                                         sd/-

Shri K.V.Rao                         Dr.K.S.Murlidhara                Shri Kartikay Dhanda

Dy.Dir(EPQA/Member         Jt.Dir(Labs)/Member                Jt.Dir(Labs)/Chairman

Empowered Committee      Empowered Committee         Empowered Committee


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