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Inviting bids for designing, printing & supply of Textiles Committee Hindi House Journal “Priyadarshini

Inviting bids for designing, printing & supply of Textiles Committee Hindi House Journal “Priyadarshini

Secretary, Textiles Committee intends to invite bids for designing, printing & supply of Textiles Committee’s “Hindi House Journal “Priyadarshini” on following specifications:

Sr. No.




No. of pages

40 (inside) + cover page (front & back) +/- 4 pages


Paper Size

A4(11.69” X 8.27”)


Outer front cover printed

170 GSM Art Card (+/- 5 GSM)


Outer back cover printed

170 GSM Art Card (+/- 5 GSM)


Inside pages

100 GSM Art Card (+/- 2 GSM)


Designing work

Conceptualization, typing, designing & system work of “Hindi House journal Priyadarshini”





Outer front & back cover

4 colour


Inside pages

4 colour



 Pinning (2 Nos.)



500 copies per issue (4 issues) Total=2000 copies.



“Hindi House journal Priyadarshini” to be enclosed in minimum 20 micron transparent plastic bag printed with Textiles Committee’s address & affixed with two stickers addresses in soft copy (excel/word) will be provided by Textiles Committee



Textiles Committee, Mumbai


Contract period / validity of rate

Valid for 4 issues from the date of first work order

The Terms & Conditions:

  1. Bidder/ Parties shall submit bid in the prescribed format as enclosed with this letter. Non-submission of bid in the prescribed format shall lead to rejection of that bid though it  stands L-1. The format is comprehensive & includes required compliances, such rejected bid though stands L-1 shall not be considered for Financial Evaluation.
  2. Textiles Committee will provide the material for designing in hand written / typed matter along with photos, picture in jpeg format. Selected party shall arrange outlay, make blurbs, conceptualize and design the whole issue of Priyadarshini independently. It is the sole responsibility of selected party to submit final offset copy of Priyadarshini before final printing with mutual consultation with Committee. Contents may need corrections.
  3. Selected Bidder/ Party shall type the material in Hindi font “Arial Unicode MS” and set typed material in this for all Priyadarshini issues. Designer shall also have the competence of converting different Hindi fonts to “Arial Unicode MS”
  4. The bidder/ party shall have the competence in Hindi typing, designing, printing and with respective resources under one roof.
  5. The sample copies of earlier 2 issues of Hindi House Journal Priyadarshini are enclosed with this letter.
  6. The bidder/ party shall enclose the sample of all papers of the GSM in A4 size & 20 micron transparent plastic bag along with bid duly stamped and signed with the rubber stamp of the firm. Non submission of paper samples & plastic bag samples shall reject your bid.
  7. The Committee is not responsible for any delay in receipt of bid sent by post/ courier. The bidders/ parties can submit their bid at the House Keeping division of the Textiles Committee, Prabhadevi, Mumbai on or before the due date and obtain the acknowledgement.
  8. Textiles Committee reserves the right to accept or reject one or all the bids without assigning any reasons thereof.
  9. The Priyadarshani being the quarterly activity must be finalized and delivered within 10 days after placing the work order at Textiles Committee, Mumbai at the supplier’s cost.
  10. The payment will be made within 15 days on satisfactory delivery of the printed material as per the specifications within the stipulated delivery period. No advance payment shall be made. The payment after applicable deductions shall be made by crossed cheque only.
  11. EMD: Interest free EMD of Rs. 3500/- by way of Demand Draft to be submitted along with bids. Non submission of requisite EMD shall reject the bids. However registered printers/printing firms with Textiles Committee need not submit EMD along with bids. The EMD of unsuccessful bidders shall be returned back within 45 days after selection of successful bidder.
  12. Performance Security: The successful bidder shall deposit 5% of total value of contract with Textiles Committee by way of DD as interest free security deposit. In case of non satisfactory performance or breach of contracts the performance security @ 5% so deposited with Textiles Committee shall be forfeited.
  13. Non declaration of compliance as stated in the enclosed format for submission of bid shall reject your bid.
  14. Any other conditions stipulated at the time of placing the orders have to be complied with.
  15. Submission of Bid: The bid shall be on the letterhead of the party in a sealed cover super scribing “Bids for designing, printing & supply of Textiles Committee Hindi House Journal Priyadarshini and shall be submitted to the undersigned by post/ courier/ hand delivered at the Textiles Committee, House Keeping Division, 4th floor, P. Balu Road, Prabhadevi Chowk, Prabhadevi, Mumbai – 400 025, on or before 3.00 PM on 30.05.2017. The bids so received shall be entered in Inward Register & kept in Sealed Tender Box for opening by Purchase Committee of Textiles Committee.
  16. Opening of Bids: The bids will be opened on 30.05.2017 at 5.00 PM at the above address by the Purchase Committee.  Bidders, if so desire, may be present during the opening of bids at the scheduled date and time.


Yours faithfully,

(Ganesh Bangar)
Asstt. Director (EPQA & Admn.HK)

Downlaods: Format for submission of bids[PDF]270.82 KB 

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