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Invitation of Bids for services of Pest Control at the estate of Textiles Committee, Prabhadevi

Invitation of Bids for services of Pest Control at the estate of Textiles Committee, Prabhadevi

No. 89/6/2016 - AD                                                                                            6th November, 2017

Sub: Invitation of Bids for Annual Rate Contract for pest control.

Textiles Committee, a Government organization under the control of Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, invite bids for pest control services in our office premises for pest control operation that includes specialized Anti termite treatment and general disinfestations, Rodent control treatment, dusting of man-hole chambers for the estate of Textiles Committee at Prabhadevi, Mumbai. You are also requested to inspect the area before due date of submission of this bid at Prabhadevi building on the terms and conditions stipulated herein under:


  1. Areas to be covered: - 1) Office Building (including Canteen, Basement, & surrounding areas like, passages, etc. 2) Auditorium & 3) Guest House Building 4) Crystal Bldg .Total area is 50000 sq.ft. approximate.
  2. The contract will be entrusted only for one year from the date of order on Annual Rate Contract.
  3. The Pest control services require (i) eradication of white ants and anti terminate (ii) controlling of cockroaches and other crawling insect (iii) controlling Rats, Rodents, Goose and Mice should be done monthly at the above office premises. In case of any complaint, during the contract, special services should also be attended free of charges.
  4. Only GOVT. approved chemicals and fuming shall be used for eradication of the pest.
  5. If the services are found not satisfactory and fail to fulfill the agreed scope of the work during the currency of the contract, Textiles Committee reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time without giving any reason and the Performance Security shall be forfeited.
  6. The Pest Control has to be carried out monthly preferably on Friday in every month from 5.00 pm onwards.
  7. Rates should be quoted including cost of materials and manpower on a format attached on the company letter head signed by the authorized person.
  8. Selection Criteria: The L-1 bidder will be awarded the contract . However, in case L-1 Bidder reject to accept the order or to execute the contract in such case Textiles Committee reserves the right to award the contract to Lowest Bidder No.2 & 3 in succeeding order.  In such a case, the EMD of Lowest Bidder No.1 shall be forfeited.  It is also at the liberty of Textiles Committee to ask the Lowest Bidder No. 2 & 3 in succeeding order to carry out the scope of work under the contract at the rates quoted by Lowest Bidder No.1. If L-2 & L-3 rejects/ fails to accept the offer then fresh bids will be called.
  9. The bidder shall be in existence for Pest Control Business during last 2 years.  The relevant document in this regard to be submitted along with bids are ITR/ITCC for year 2014-15, 2015-16 and company registration copy in the name of bidder only. If not on bidder’s name then authorization letter from the authorized person with signature & seal on company letter-head shall be submitted alongwith bid). The bidders shall submit the above document. If not submitted the bids shall be rejected though stands L-1.
  10. The bidder shall currently have at least 3 clients with them since April 2016. The agency shall submit the list of 3 clients along with Purchase Orders and other certificates /contract awarded to them.
  11. The Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the bids without assigning any reason thereof.
  12. Interested bidders offering pest control services may visit Textiles Committee for inspection between 10.00 am to 5.00 pm till 16.11.2017 and may contact Admn. (HK) Section at 4th floor on the above mentioned address.
  13. The successful bidder (Pest Control Agency/Party) shall attend special services free of cost in case of any complaint raised by Textiles Committee.
  14. The payment will be made by crossed cheque payable at State Bank of India, Worli, (N) Mumbai only after satisfactory services rendered, on quarterly basis.
  15. EMD: The bid should be submitted along with interest free EMD of Rs.2500/- by Demand Draft/ Pay order drawn in favour of “Textiles Committee” payable at Mumbai.  Non submission of requisite EMD shall reject the bids. The EMD of unsuccessful bidders shall be returned back within 45 days after selection of successful bidder.
  16. Performance Security: The successful bidder shall deposit 5% of total annual contract value with Textiles Committee as interest free Performance Security Deposit. In case of non satisfactory performance or breach of contract by pest control agency the performance security deposited with Textiles Committee shall be forfeited and the contract shall stand cancelled forthwith.
  17. Submission of Bids:- The bids in sealed cover addressed to the undersigned by name  should  reach this office by post/ courier/ hand delivery not later than 3.00 PM on 20.11.2017
  18. Opening of Bids: -The bids so received before due date shall be opened on 20.11.2017 at 05.00 PM by Purchase Committee of Textiles Committee. Interested bidders, if desire so, may remain present at the time of opening of bids. 
  19. The sealed cover containing bids should be superscribed as under.:

     “Bids for Pest Control on Annual Rate Contract”   Ref. No. 89/6/2016 – AD


Yours faithfully

(Ganesh Bangar)
Assistant Director (EPQA & Admn.-HK)



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