Repairing of fire hydrant system to overcome the leakages of Fire fighting system installed at Textiles Committee, Prabhadevi, Mumbai-400025 and to obtain Fire Audit Certificate.

No. 52/43/2009- AD -II                                        9th October, 2018

Textiles Committee, Government of India, Ministry of Textiles intends to invite bids for repairing  of fire hydrant system to overcome the leakages of Fire fighting system installed  at Textiles Committee, Prabhadevi, Mumbai-400025 & to obtain Fire Audit Certificate.

Scope of work.

  1. To put the Fire Hydrant System in working condition (water flow in Riser line  / Inlet & outlet)
  2. To obtain necessary Fire Audit Certificate from Fire Department.

The Terms & Conditions for repairing work are as under:

  1. Rates shall be quoted only after site survey.
  1. The scope of work includes, to overcome the leakages in main fire hydrant line, leakages in section pipes and replacement/repair of other small parts which are necessary to start the internal building fire fighting system & to put the Fire Hydrant System in working condition & to obtain Fire Audit Certificate from Fire Department.
  1. All material used shall be of BIS Standard and correct technical procedure shall be adopted while carrying the work.
  1. EMD: EMD of Rs. 5000 shall be deposited in favor of Textiles Committee, Mumbai in the form of DD/Cheque.
  1. Performance Security: Successful bidder will have to deposit 5% of the total contract value as Performance Security after Award of Contract.
  1. Evaluation of work: The work carried out by contractor will be evaluated by officers and/or team of officers of Textiles Committee before making full n final payment.
  1. Insurance: It is sole responsibility of contractor to process insurance claim in case of damage or loss in transit, supply, repairing of fire hydrant system as per the Work Order.
  1. Settlement of Disputes: in case of any dispute or difference, either during the execution of Work Order or after the completion or termination of the works, such disputes shall be notified in writing by either party to the other with a request to submit it to arbitration and to concur in the appointment of an Arbitrator within 30 days of notice. Such dispute shall be referred to Secretary, Textiles Committee for arbitration and decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding upon both the parties.
  1. Warranty period of the Work: One year from the date of receipt of certificate for satisfactory repairing of the work mentioned in Work Order.
  1. Payment terms: No advance payment. The full payment shall be made after satisfactory repair and performance of the fire hydrant system. The Committee will deduct the applicable TDS from the payments to be made to the contractor.
  1. Selection criteria:
  1. Only L-1 Bidder i.e. aggregated cost of repairing, supply of spare parts, fixing of parts & Fire Audit Certificate shall be selected for award of contract.
  1. Textiles Committee reserves the right to award the contract to Lowest Bidder No.2 and/ or No.3 in case the Lowest Bidder No.1 backs out of the contract.  It is also at the discretion of Textiles Committee to ask the Lowest Bidder No. 2 and/ or 3 in succeeding order to carry out the scope of work under the contract at the rates quoted by Lowest Bidder No.1. In succeeding order if L-2 and/or L-3 rejects/ fails to accept the offer then fresh bids will be called.
  1. Textiles Committee has the right to accept or reject all or particular bid at any time.
  1. No damage shall be caused to the property of Textiles Committee while carrying out the assigned work. Any damage to property of Textiles Committee shall be recovered from the selected bidder in terms of money or replacement of said property.
  1. The work should be carried out within 1 month at the said site of Textiles Committee, at Prabhadevi, Mumbai at the said cost after receipt of Work Order & obtain necessary Fire Audit Certificate from Fire Department.
  1. Rates shall be quoted including material, labour charge and Applicable Taxes.
  1. Textiles Committee shall not be responsible for any delay in receipt of bid or non-receipt of bid sent by post/ courier. The bidders shall submit the bid by post/ courier/ hand delivery in the Administration-HK division of Textiles Committee, Mumbai on or before the due date.
  1. The bid shall be on letter-head of the bidder and submitted in a sealed cover super scribing “Repairing of fire hydrant system and obtaining Fire Audit Certificate” on or before 30/10/2018 at 3.00 PM.


(Ganesh Bangar)
Assistant Director (EPQA & Admn-HK)

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