NIQ for procurement of Tear Strength Tester for the laboratory of Textiles Committee at Mumbai

No. TC/Lab/Pur-Inst/Mumbai/2019. Vol.-II (13-15) dated  26-June-2019

Laboratory of Textiles Committee, Mumbai hereby invites quotations for the procurement of 1 (one) Tear Strength Tester in the prescribed format in Annexure enclosed.     The specification for Tear Strength Tester is given at Annexure: Quotation in other format will not be entertained. 


  1. Items ordered should be delivered inside the premises of the laboratory of Textiles Committee, at Mumbai.   If found to be defective, damaged or non-compatible with the specification, arrange for replacement of the item forthwith at no additional cost to Textiles Committee.
  1. Delivery of the instrument should be within 2 weeks from the date of issuing Purchase Order and should not be extended.
  1. Payment will be made by crossed Multi-city cheque drawn on SBI only after satisfactory commissioning of instruments and submission of Bill to the laboratory, Mumbai. 
  1. Minimum of one year warranty should be there on the product.
  1. The quotation should be valid for minimum of 60 days. 
  1. The Textiles Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any or all quotations without assigning any reason whatsoever.

You are requested to submit your quotation in the prescribed format in Annexure on your letter head in sealed cover super scribing “Quotation for “Tear Strength Tester” at Textiles Committee, Laboratory Division, P. Balu Road, Prabhadevi Chowk, Prabhadevi, Mumbai- 400 025.    The last date for submission of quotation is on or before 15th July 2019.


Director (Laboratories)

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