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Tender notice for providing manpower to Textiles Committee Offices all over India

Tender notice for providing manpower to Textiles Committee Offices all over India

Bids are invited by Textiles Committee from well established and financially sound Manpower Companies / Firms / Agencies (herein after referred as agency/agencies), with proven competence for complementing the Textiles Committee resources all over the country. Interpretation of the terms & conditions and other related issues in the tender would rest with Textiles Committee only. Tenders can be downloaded from the central public procurement portal

Possession of valid Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and enrolment/registration of the contractors/bidders on the e-Procurement/e-Tender portal are prerequisite for e-Tendering.  The bidders are to submit the bids through online e-Tendering system to the Tender Inviting Authority (TIA).   An Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) along with Tender Document fee has to be submitted along with the Bid.   Bids without EMD and Tender Document fee shall not be considered.    Schedule of Tendering process is given below:


Starting date of issue of Tender document.

27 April 2017 09:00 Hrs


Last date of issue of Tender document.

17 May 2017 15:00 Hrs


Date and time for Pre-bid meeting (Briefing Session) in order to clarify any points related to the tender.

04 May 2017 11:00 Hrs


Last date and time of submission of Bid (Both Technical & Commercial)

17 May 2017 15:00 Hrs


Date and time of opening of Technical Bid

18 May 2017 15:00 Hrs


Earnest Money Deposit (Bid Security)

Rs. 2,50,000

  1. In case of any discrepancies in the date and time between the tender document and the central public procurement portal the date and time as given in the portal shall prevail.
  2. Issue of Tender documents:  Tender document is available and can be downloaded from the Central Public Procurement Portal.
  3. Submission of Bid documents: Bidder shall submit the bids online through the Central Public Procurement Portal along with the scanned copies of the required documents, if any, as per instructions given at tender document
  4. A pre-bid meeting (Briefing Session) for bidders will be held at Textiles Committee, Board Room, 5th Floor, Textiles Committee,  P. Balu Road, Prabhadevi, Mumbai-400 025, on  04th May 2017 11:00 Hrs in order to clarify any points related to the Tender. The prospective bidders or their authorized representatives may attend this meeting, if they desire so.
  5. Last date & time for submission of online Bids is 17th May 2017 15:00 Hrs. The bids will be opened online on the next day at 15.00 hrs online at the Central Public Procurement Portal. Bidders can access the tendering process at the portal.
  6. After the scrutiny of Technical bids, the only bidders who are found to be technically responsive will be considered for commercial bids. The opening of the Commercial Bids will be intimated to the technically responsive bidders through the portal.
  7. Address for Communication: Assistant Secretary (Personnel), Textiles Committee, P. Balu Road, Prabhadevi Chowk, Prabhadevi, Mumbai–400 025. Tel: 022-66527521, Fax: 022-66527509,  E-mail: asecytc[at]gmail[dot]com

Assistant Secretary (Personnel)

Tender Issuing Authority

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