Sequence of activities for implementation

Generalised sequence of activities of implemeation of management standards

  1. Awareness programme 
  2. Survey of the existing Quality System
  3. Nomination of M.R. and task force
  4. Define the Scope and Application.
  5. Identification of Processes.
  6. Training the task force (continuous process).
  7. Finalising the Organogram
  8. Allocation of responsibilities for activities
  9. Work instructions on specific activities
  10. Preparation of forms and formats
  11. Training on SPC *
  12. Preparation of Process Sheets.
  13. Finalizing the policy and objectives
  14. Documenting Standard Operating Procedures
  15. Evaluation of WI’s, process sheets and SOP’s for compliance
  16. Translating the Policy and WI’s in local languages (If necessary).
  17. Preparation of Quality System Manual
  18. Training on Internal Quality Audits *
  19. Planning and carrying out first Internal Quality Audit
  20. Analysis of SOP’s and WI’s and amendments
  21. Closing the non conformities and taking corrective actions
  22. Identify weak/ critical areas and plan for more Audits
  23. Subjecting to intensive Audits
  24. Ensure QMS is fully operational and effective
  25. Gestation of the System
  26. Carrying out pre-Assessment Audit  *
  27. Complete corrective actions on non-conformities
  28. Preparation of Certification Audit.
  29. Auditing by the Certification body.
  •  * Training programmes and Pre-Assessment Audit will be conducted by Textiles Committee
  •  * The planning is tentative and subject to the commitment and continual support from the Top Management.    
  • The activities start from the date of conducting the awareness programme.
  • The planning is tentative and subject to changes depending on actual situations.