India Handloom


India Handloom

brand for promoting traditional hand woven heritage of India and also

assuring quality product to the Consumer

India has a long tradition of excellence in making high quality handloom products with extraordinary skills and craftsmanship, which are unparalleled in the world. The intricate workmanship of the handlooms provides this segment a unique identity of its own. This inherent strength of Indian handloom products is required to be promoted with new designs, colour combinations and defect free weaving for meeting the need of the market.

The handloom production meets the twin objectives of green production and employment creation especially in the rural India. This augurs well with the Hon’ble PM’s inclusive growth agenda of “SABKA SATH, SABKA VIKAS”. In order to provide a better return of the handloom products, e- Commerce has been the call of the day and it reduces the transaction cost besides making better margins to the weavers.

The “India Handloom” brand would be evolved based on high quality defect free, socially and environmentally compliant product for catering to the needs of the high-end consumers looking for niche handmade products. The scheme would initially be made voluntary. The producers would be encouraged to maintain the quality of the product, which will be specified. All the products under the brand should have the benchmarked quality for the raw material, the processing as well as for packing and labeling besides proving the origin from the hand-woven sector.

The stakeholders comprise of Weavers, Master Weavers, Primary Co-operative Societies, Apex Handloom Societies, Retailers and Exporters are directly involved in the production and marketing of their produce in the domestic as well as in the export market.


Objectives of the scheme
The objectives will be to promote a premium brand with stress on quality on the following:
  • Ensure quality in designing and weaving and defect free product for safeguarding interest of the buyers.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant social and environmental laws
  • Conserve, promote culture and tradition relating to handlooms. 
  • Promote production of high-end products, and thereby increase wage earning of the weavers’ substantially; and,
  • Facilitate marketing of handloom products through e-commerce.
Operational Procedure
The value added handloom products will be branded under “India Handloom” umbrella to differentiate as brand India product and will be given necessary visibility so as to attract the attention of the customers in India and abroad. An institutional mechanism comprising of Textiles Committee (TC) and Weavers Service Centres (WSCs) will be set up to implement the initiative. The operational procedure involves the following activities:
  • Quality maintenance
  • Registration process
  • Registration certificates /Logo
  • Creation of the brand through packaging materials
  • Awareness and Publicity campaign
  • Supply of Packing Materials


Textiles Committee

Textiles Committee, a statutory body under the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India with its headquarters at Mumbai, has its mandate to ensure the quality of textiles and textile machinery both for internal consumption and export purposes. Textiles Committee is entrusted to

  • undertake,  assist     and     encourage, scientific, technological and economic research;
  • establish  standard  specifications for textiles,  textile  machinery and  the  packing materials;
  • establish laboratories for the testing of textiles and textile machinery;
  • provide  training  in  the  techniques  of quality control;
  • provide  for the  inspection  and examination  of  textiles and  textile machinery;
  • promote export of textiles;
  • collect statistics and;
  • advise  the  Central  Government  on  all matters relating to textiles and textile machinery, etc.

Weavers Service Centre

  • Product development to evolve more marketable products by interaction between expertise’s available in the fields of Weaving, Designing and Processing.
  • In improving Weaving Techniques, accessories and appliances used in weaving.
  • In improving Processing Techniques.
  • In Training weavers by disseminating improved techniques and new designs by undertaking Training programmes in the WSC and in the field.
  • In providing market support by arranging interface between designers, producers and buyers which include execution of sample orders.
  • In solving problems arising in pre-loom, on-loom and post-loom processes and technologies.
  • In  arranging exhibitions, seminars, workshop, National Handloom Expo and  Focusing on  new and improved Designs, Equipments and Processing Techniques.
  • In preserving and documenting and revival of traditional skills & revival traditional designs for production and marketing.
  • In implementing various schemes of the Government of India for the Handloom sector and providing assistance and interaction with the State Government  Handloom Agency such as Apex and Primary co-operatives, NGOs, SHGs and other institutions dealing in handlooms.
  • Monitoring of projects sanctioned under various central  schemes·
  • Issuing Identity cards cum pass book to weavers and dyers/ printers.
  • Sponsoring weavers/dyers/ printers for the participation in Delhi Haat, Surajkund Mela, Taj Mahotsav, Patiala Heritage, Patiala zonal craft Mela. Bhubneswar, Mumbai and Gwalior  under marketing and export promotion scheme.
  • Implementation of Handloom Reservation Act 1985.
Categories of Users:

The entities/persons eligible to participate in India Handloom brand initiative are genuine firm or institutions dealing with production of handloom fabrics including (i) Primary Handloom Co-operative Societies (ii) Self Help Groups (SHG), Consortia, Producer Companies, Joint Lilability Groups (iii) Weaver Enterpreneurs.

Products to be covered under the Scheme:

India has very large varieties of traditional handloom products made of natural fibres like cotton, silk, wool etc. Many products are registered under Geographical Indications Act (GI Act). Some products are reserved under Handloom Reservation Act 1985 for production on handlooms only. Similarly, Bureau of Indian Standards has standardized some products on their quality parameters. A list of products based on traditional characters, GI registration and quality standards has been prepared Products listed are eligible for coverage under this Scheme.

A committee headed by Development Commissioner for Handlooms with the members like Secretary, Textile Committee; Director, Weavers’ Service Centre, Delhi; Director, Indian Institute of Handloom Technology, Salem and expert to be nominated by Development Commissioner will review for inclusion of new products in the list from time to time.

Application Fee and Registration Fee:
  • There will be no application fee for any of the applicants. The application forms will be made available with the offices of the Textiles Committee and Weavers’ Service Centre free of cost. Also it is available on or for free download.
  • The registration fee for all the categories has been fixed at INR 500/- (Indian Rupees Five hundred only) + applicable Service Tax per item. One application can be for more than one item.
  • The applicants shall pay applicable registration fees at the time of submission of application
    • The registration shall be done after On-site verification of the above categories.
    • The registration shall be valid for a period of 3 years from the date of registration.
    • On the basis of the track record of maintenance of quality standards of the products, the registered applicant shall be allowed to use the brand after 3 years also. The registration has to be renewed after 3 years by paying applicable registration fees and following the procedures for registration.
    • The right to allow the applicant the access to India Handloom is at the sole discretion of office of the Development Commissioner for Handlooms.
Application Form
  • The application form is common to all categories of applicants and products. The prescribed application format is available with the offices of the Textiles Committee and Weavers Service Centre
  • Submission of Application in physical form: The filled-in application is required to be submitted in duplicate along with the sample of the products. As a token of receipt of application, the duplicate copy will be returned to the applicant duly allotting the application number with the signature of the concerned officer. The application may be submitted to any of offices of Textiles Committee or Weavers Service Center (link to TC website map and WSC)
  • The concerned Regional Office (RO) of Textiles Committee or the offices of the Weavers’ Service Centre shall carry out the scrutiny of application wherever the application is filed
  • The application shall be enclosed with the sample of the products for which the “India Handloom” brand is sought for along with the physical and quality parameters of the products viz,
    • Count of warp and weft yarns
    • Construction of the product, ends/inch, picks/inch etc
    • Fibre content like cotton, silk, pashmina, wool, etc.
    • Dimensions like length and width of the products
    • Colour fastness to sunlight, washing and rubbing
    • Usage of natural dyes and azo-free synthetic dyes
    • Type of zari and other embellishments
    • Any other specifications of the product, and
    • Compliance with law relating to child labour, conservation of environment and checking of pollution.

In case of high valued products, the detailed physical and quality parameters as given above along with the sample of the left over raw materials like yarn, dyes, zari, etc. needs to be enclosed for testing.

Payment Procedure
  • The mode of payment shall be through Demand Draft or online transfer.
  • Demand Drafts shall be drawn in favour of "Textiles Committee" payable at the name of the location of the Regional Office (RO) of Textiles Committee (TC).
  • Applications submitted to the offices of Weavers Service Centre (WSC) shall draw DD in favour of “Textiles Committee” payable at Mumbai.
On-Site Verification
  • On-site verification shall be carried out by concerned RO of Textiles Committee and Weaver Service Centre (WSC) to ascertain the authenticity of the applicant and the products including the physical parameters besides social and environmental compliances.
  • On-site verification is mandatory for all applicants.
  • The on-site verification process shall be completed within one month from the date of receipt of application.
  • The office of the Textiles Committee in consultation with Weavers’ Service Centre (WSC) shall scrutinise the application in comparison with the test report and forward a recommendation letter to the office of the Textile Committee, Mumbai for issuance of registration number.
  • On reviewing the recommendation letter, office of the Textile Committee, Mumbai shall issue a registration number to the application under intimation to the office of DC (HL).
  • The registration certificate shall then be issued to the applicant by the office of the Textile Committee, Mumbai.
  • A soft copy of the logo in Compact Disk (CD) shall be made available to the registered “India Handloom” Brand and shall be allowed to use the logo.
  • The validity of the license to use the logo shall be valid in the entire period of 3 years from the date of registration, and may be renewed by the stakeholders by following the process of registration.
  • The ROs of the TC and offices of WSC shall maintain the records of the applicant and the statement of the registered users shall be sent to the Head Office of Textiles Committee for uploading the details in the website of TC and also to the office of the Development Commissioner for Handlooms in its website.
Periodic Surveillance for Conformity
  • One official each from TC and from WSC shall take up the periodic verification of the products at the premises of the registered users for conformity assessment. The surveillance has to be taken up every year.
  • The officials shall verify the physical parameters of the products under branding and collect yarn sample from both warp and weft for laboratory testing. The sample shall be sent to the Textiles Committee for testing the quality parameters.
  • The officials shall recommend the cancellation of registration of the user if the physical parameters are not maintained by the applicant to the Office of the Textile Committee.
  • On reviewing the recommendations from the surveillance audit reports, the Textile Committee shall issue cancellation of the India Handloom certificate.
  • The status of the registered users shall be published in the website of the Textiles Committee as well as Development Commissioner for Handlooms.
Appeal Procedure
  • In the event of cancellation of the registration if the applicant is aggrieved by such cancellation, then the applicant may appeal to the Development Commissioner for Handlooms for revoking the cancellation of license within 30 days from the receipt of the cancellation certificate.
  • On receipt of the appeal, the Development Commissioner for Handlooms shall constitute a sub-committee consisting of one Officer each from the offices of the Development Commissioner for Handlooms, Textiles Committee and Weavers’ Service Centre to review the grievance.
  • The sub-committee shall look into the appeal and submit its recommendation within 15 days to the office of the Development Commissioner for handlooms.
  • On receipt of the recommendations from the sub-committee, Development Commissioner for Handlooms shall issue appropriate order.


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