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Infrastructure Requirement for Implementing Partners
Soft skills
Soft skill
Soft Skills[PDF]1.03 MB
Spinning (11 courses)
Weaving (9 courses)
Knitting (3 courses)
Processing (13 courses)
 HT-HP Cheese Dyeing Machine Operator  Fabric Singeing Machine Operator  Desizing Machine Operator Continuous  Bleaching Range (Fabric Bleaching) Machine Operato Fabric Mercerizing Machine Operator  Jigger Machine Operator  Stenter Machine Operator  Calendering Machine Operator  Zero Zero Finishing Machine Operator  Winch Dyeing Machine Operator  Soft Flow Dyeing Machine Operator  Compacting Machine Operator

HTHP Cheese Dyeing Machine Operator[PDF]1.67 MB

(TC PRC 01)

Singeing Machine Operator[PDF]816.46 KB

(TC PRC 02)

Desizing Machine Operator[PDF]574.51 KB

(TC PRC 03)

Continuous  Bleaching Range Machine Operator[PDF]1.09 MB

(TC PRC 04)

Mercerizing Machine Operator[PDF]1.26 MB

(TC PRC 05)

Jigger Machine Operator[PDF]736.92 KB

(TC PRC 06)

Stenter Machine Operator[PDF]843.41 KB

(TC PRC 07)

Calendering Machine Operator [PDF]874.08 KB

(TC PRC 08)

Zero Zero Finishing Machine Operator [PDF]959.26 KB

(TC PRC 09)

Winch Dyeing Machine Operator[PDF]769 KB

(TC PRC 10)

Soft Flow Dyeing Machine Operator [PDF]860.46 KB

(TC PRC 11)

Compacting Machine Operator[PDF]846.95 KB

(TC PRC 12)

Washing Operator (Denim)[PDF]1.13 MB

(TC PRC 13)

Garment (11 courses)
Embroidery Machine Operator Fuser & Ironer Computer Embroidery Machine Operator Garment  Checker CAD operator Sewing Machine Operator Pattern Maker Sewing Machine Mechanic

Embroidery Machine Operator[PDF]1.72 MB

(TC GMT 01)

Fuser & Ironer [PDF]602.02 KB

(TC GMT 02)

Computer Embroidery Machine Operator[PDF]803.23 KB

(TC GMT 03)

Garment Checker[PDF]2.17 MB

(TC GMT 04)

CAD Operator[PDF]1.8 MB

(TC GMT 05)

Sewing Machine Operator[PDF]1.84 MB

(TC GMT 06)

Pattern Maker[PDF]1.32 MB

(TC GMT 07)

Fabric Checker[PDF]1.68 MB

(TC GMT 08)

Fabric Cutter[PDF]1.05 MB

(TC GMT 09)

Overlock & Flatlock Machine Operator[PDF]2.21 MB

(TC GMT 10)

Sewing Machine Mechanic[PDF]1.95 MB

(TC GMT 11)

Jute (7 courses)
Textiles & Handloom (5 courses)
Handloom weaver frame loom Hand dyeing operator Hand Block printing Dobby Handloom Weaver Jacquard Handloom Weaver

Handloom Weaver(Frame Loom)[PDF]2.07 MB

(TC HLM 01)

Hand Dyeing Operator[PDF]874.86 KB

(TC HLM 02)

Hand Block Printing[PDF]1.31 MB

(TC HLM 03)

Dobby Handloom Weaver[PDF]917.37 KB

(TC HLM 04)

Jacquard Handloom Weaver[PDF]1002.04 KB

(TC HLM 05)

Handicrafts & Carpet (24 courses)

Electroplating and Effluent Treatment [PDF]1.59 MB

(TC MET 01)

Basic Art of Engraving [PDF]1.08 MB

(TC MET 02)

Lacquering and Painting [PDF]740.73 KB

(TC MET 03)

Packaging[PDF]843.32 KB

(TC MET 04)

Powder Coating [PDF]1021.47 KB

(TC MET 05)

Quality Control[PDF]923.52 KB

(TC MET 06)

Computer Aided Design[PDF]710.28 KB

(TC MET 07)

Welding and Soldering [PDF]1.78 MB

(TC MET 08)

Soft Skills Training common for all Metal Courses[PDF]697.99 KB

Handloom Weaver  (Carpets)[PDF]613.35 KB


Carpet Weaver (Knotted)[PDF]4.12 MB


Carpet Weaver (Tufted)[PDF]3.13 MB


Engraving/Carving /Etching Assistant[PDF]675.48 KB


Bamboo Basket Maker[PDF]980.79 KB


Bamboo Mat Weaver[PDF]1.12 MB


Bamboo Utility Handicrafts Assembler[PDF]1.07 MB


Casting Operator (Metal Handicrafts)[PDF]1.11 MB


Stamping Operator (Metal Handicrafts)[PDF]997.38 KB


Carving Artisan - Stonecraft [PDF]1.4 MB


Inlay Artisan - Stonecarft[PDF]1.39 MB


Traditional Hand Embroiderer[PDF]1.19 MB


Hand Crochet Lace Maker[PDF]823.13 KB


Crochet Lace Tailor[PDF]975.88 KB


Master Crochet Lace Maker[PDF]1.14 MB


Sakhta Saaz (Paper Mache)[PDF]844.14 KB