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Research & Studies on GI  :
  1. Assessment Awareness and Identification of Potential T & C Products for Geographical Indication

Your browser may not support display of this image. The much needed study on assessing the awareness l among the stakeholders on  Geographical Indication and Identifying the potential products for registration under the act have been completed with the support of Tier-II partners. The study has identified more than 200 potential products for GI registration on the basis of threat perception. These products need immediate attention for registration due to mass poaching and duplicity by unauthorised producers. The mass infringement of these traditional knowledge’s in textiles  ultimately deceives the consumers on one hand and takes away the market base of the original products and hence threatens the livelihood of the poorer stakeholders of the products. The study has also highlighted some of the suggestive measures for eliminating the bottlenecks.

ii. Study and Documentation of selected products:  
As a part of facilitating   GI registration of different unique textile products of the country, an exhaustive study and documentation of the products have been prepared establishing the historical origin, area of productions, production process, products with specification and uniqueness of the products. The study and documentation prepared for different products are:

  • Evolution & Growth of Applique Craft of Orissa: A database at product level is developed for GI registration and future reference
  • Dream of Weaving: Study & Documentation of Banaras Sarees and Brocades: A database at product level is developed for GI registration and future reference.
  • Art and Artifacts of Lucknowi Chikankari
  • Khandua Sarees and Fabrics: Tradition & Pride of Orissa.
  • Khandua Sarees and Fabrics: Tradition & Pride of Orissa.
  • Study & Documentation of Guledgudda Fabrics.
  • Study & Documentation of Paithani Sarees & Dress Materials.
  • Your browser may not support display of this image.Study & Documentation of Balarampuram Sarees & Fine Cotton fabrics: The Pride of God’s Own Country.
  • Study & Documentation of Uppada Jamadhani.
  • Study & Documentation of Dharmavaram Silk.
  • Study & Documentation of Gadwal Saree.
  • Study & Documentation of Bhagalpur Silk.
  • Study & Documentation of Bandhani.
  • Study & Documentation of Surat Zari Work

The preparation of study and documentation and facilitation of the GI registration of these products will provide much-needed fillip to the products for containing infringement and enhancing the marketability of the product.

iii. Post GI Implication Study for Pochampally Ikat and Sholapur Chaddar & Terry Towel: 
The study has quantified the benefits of IPR protection through Geographical Indication (GI). IPR Protection may be the need of the hour but there is a need to assess and quantify the benefit of it to the grass-root level stakeholders. Since the project addresses the pro-poor dimensions of the sector with an objective to bring about benefits of globalisation to the poorer segments and mitigating the negative effects, it was felt to undertake impact assessment studies of some registered products. The basic objective is to quantify the benefits and sensitise the actors about the impact. Two products i.e. Pochampally Ikat for Handloom and Solapur Chaddar & Terry Towel for Power loom have been taken up for the purpose. Even if the study is yet to be completed, the preliminary trend shows that the Pochampally cluster has able to receive the benefits in terms of rise in productivity, disposable income, output and employment, where as the Solapur stakeholders could not due to lack of post registration activities for brand building and reaching the target consumers.